Battlemage! Steam Greenlight Success!

Greetings Wizards,

Your contribution helps make Rogue Wizards an even better game, so please help continue to spread the word so we can make this project a reality.


Turning the corner into the final week of the Rogue Wizards Kickstarter, we’re excited to announce that Rogue Wizards has been approved by Valve for globalrelease on Steam with support from the Steam Greenlight community!

Thank you very much to everyone who voted and for helping spread the word about Rogue Wizards to friends and fellow RPG fans. In celebration of this huge milestone, I’m excited to share the first details on the upgraded heavy armor.

Loot plays an important role in Rogue Wizards. Players will find hordes of treasures within the dungeons, and constructing vendors in town grants access to an even wider array of magical gear, placing incredibly powerful artifacts at the players’ fingertips.

Structures like the Forgestone give players a way to extend the life of their favorite gear, and future item enchantment and crafting systems provide even more customization and enhancement choices.

We also feel that a deep and engaging loot system wouldn’t be complete without also changing the look of our hero.  In Rogue Wizards visual changes in appearance aren’t limited to just weapons and shields, but extend to full suits of armor.

rogue-wizards-heavy-armor-02Upon equipping heavy armor, players will look and feel more protected in a shining suit of full plate armor, and we like to call this look the Battlemage.

Even with full plate armor on, players can still wield any weapon and utilize any spell, a particularly deadly combination and unfortunate for any enemies that might be unlucky enough to be caught unprepared.

Support Rogue Wizards on Kickstarter which ends on Tuesday November 11th, 2014.