ExecutionerWaspWhen I started this project over a year ago I really thought I’d just make one enemy for the game and stick with that until I could get real art made. However, there’s just some game systems that are impossible to iterate on with just one bad guy, so over the past two weeks 7 placeholer enemies were created.

The real reason for this is because there needs to be just enough content to spread across the 6 current schools of magic and the different types of damage. The idea here is that certain types of weapons and magic are more effective against certain types of enemies. When enemies are strong and in one area they’ll typically have a weakness in another, which is a great opportunity for the player to switch up their play style and use different weapons and spells keeping the combat more interesting.

MalevolenceAlso while working on Diablo III among other RPGs the past 15 years, one of the principles of enemy design Brevik told us over and over is that they each must have their own “schtick” or unique talent. Having a few more enemies in the game now let’s me play and iterate with some of these ideas now before investing time and money in getting beautiful art created for them.

Here’s a video of a couple of the new placeholder enemies with some crude animations.

Hey all you artists and animators out there, feeling like taking on a side job to make some awesome bad guys? Send me a message! 🙂

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