Gamepad Support + New User Interface

We’ve been working on this update for quite a long time, thanks for all your support in making this game better all the time.

Major Changes

Rogue Wizards now has full gamepad support so you can enjoy playing on your desktop or lounging on the couch using a living room PC. 


The HUD has been simplified to be less cluttered and distracting


A new health UI in the form of a dynamic liquid flask


Targeting enemies and items now has a new targeting “shaft of light” effect to really make it easy to see what you’re targeting, great for both mouse control and gamepad control modes


Mouse and gamepad focus targeting is now color coded based on the quality of the target to make finding magic items and rare objects stand out easily


Other Changes

  • Vastly increased sight range and camera distance
  • Removed the health and XP bars from the top of the HUD
  • Blur effect for the background when UIs are open, this can be disabled by reducing the graphics quality setting on the options panel
  • The weapon shortcut bar is now automatically hidden when not in combat and can be recalled easily using the mouse or gamepad
  • Fixed text rendering having white border artifacts on some Windows machines
  • Upgrade underlying game engine to Unity 2019.3
  • Remove the feedback system, the backing service that was used for this previously has now been shut down
  • Made a few of the HUD buttons smaller to fit the new more minimal look of the HUD
  • New dialog bubble pointer rendering that can better handle bubbles at the edge of the screen
  • Removed some of the flashing text for spell points and attributes in the paper doll UI, these were annoying