Cosmic Rift

Greetings Wizards,

As the Rogue Wizards Kickstarter campaign pushes past our halfway point, I wanted to send a big thank you for the huge outpouring of support. Your contribution helps make Rogue Wizards an even better game, so please help continue to spread the word so we can make this project a reality.  Take a look at what critics are saying about Rogue Wizards:

“Rogue Wizards is still in Pre-Alpha, but I was blown away by what I experienced: if this is a preliminary build, I can’t wait to see the finished product.”

To keep in the spirit of sharing more on Rogue Wizards, today, we’re excited to reveal a bit of the work-in-progress for a new environment we’ve been building called a Cosmic Rift.

Stepping into a Cosmic Rift, players will first notice they don’t seem to be deep underground in a dungeon any longer. Cosmic Rifts transport players deep into the cosmos against a backdrop of stars, galaxies, and nebulae.

Environments generated in a rift feel far more organic than their structured and orderly dungeon counterparts.  Based on cellular automation, rift layouts create blobs and amorphous shapes which intersect and merge together, creating loops in some instances and open play spaces in others.

Cosmic Rift is completely devoid of walls, so the player now has a more open view of their surroundings – but that sight also comes at a cost.  Many heroes find it easy to get lost among the stars, and frequent teleportation platforms don’t make the journey any easier either.

Adventure with caution! Just because an enemy can be safely hit with a fireball across an impassable chasm doesn’t mean they don’t have a means of fighting back from a distance as well.

Stay tuned for more updates, vote for Rogue Wizards on Steam Greenlight, and check out the Rogue Wizards Kickstarter project which ends on Tuesday November 11th, 2014.