Forgestone & Cauldron Update

Greetings Wizards,

Thanks for helping us and supporting the Rogue Wizards Kickstarterit’s truly amazing to see such a huge outpouring of support from role playing game fans all around the world.

We’ve received some fantastic press out there and wanted to share a few of them with our fans.  Check out these two articles written by and Blast Away The Game Review.

We’re also happy to announce the SPELLBINDER reward tier, a new pledge level where your copy of the game received at the WIZARD pledge level will now include the advanced Wizard Tower with a special ability in addition to all the previous rewards including the Dragon Whelp pet, special backer items, your name in the credits, closed beta access, original game soundtrack, desktop wallpaper, and of course the game itself.


Additionally, backers will be able to share feedback and guide the visual design of this central and prominent building.  We hope players enjoy viewing the special Wizard Tower when returning home after adventuring and clearing a dungeon.  Its’s our special way of saying thank you for helping make Rogue Wizards a reality.

For our second feature update we want to share some details on the Cauldron and Forgestone item crafting systems.  Cauldron’s randomly appear in some dungeon areas and once learned, can be constructed nearby the home Wizard Tower.

rogue-wizards-forgestone-cauldron-02With the Cauldron, players can brew their own healing potions for a dose of extra health when it’s most needed in a dungeon, as well as transform one magical essence into another.

Essences play an important role in the game and functions as the backbone for the entire economy of magic. Magical essences also act as key agents in the upcoming item enchanting and transmutation systems.

rogue-wizards-forgestone-cauldron-01Equipment such as weapons and armor, level-up and improve the more they are used over time. Building the Forgestone in town allows the player to extend the life of their favorite equipment by destroying unwanted loot and transferring their experience into another item.

Upgraded items benefit from enhanced combat, defense, and enchantment statistics, making them more effective than ever during battle.

Stay tuned for more updates, vote for Rogue Wizards on Steam Greenlight, and check out the Rogue Wizards Kickstarter project which ends on Tuesday November 11th, 2014.