Official Rogue Wizards Wiki at Gamepedia

For many players, wikis have become a valuable resource to not only learn about their favorite games, but to discover new games. Today, Spellbind Studios is proud to announce a partnership with Curse and Gamepedia to host the Official Rogue Wizards Wiki.

That’s why we’re excited to offer our growing base of supporters and fans access to a cutting edge wiki for Rogue Wizards and a solid foundation to build upon.

With a procedurally generated loot and dungeon system, a deep spell system, and its world-building system, Rogue Wizards is the kind of game we think many players will enjoy even more with a valuable wiki resource. Check it out for an advanced look at the wide range of in-game details already available at this early stage in development, including info on monsters, gear, crafting materials, vendors, and more.

Of course, the value of this resource also depends on Rogue Wizards meeting its Kickstarter campaign goals. We’d like to thank everyone for all their support, feedback, and questions about Rogue Wizards so far – and for helping spread the word to help us bring our vision of a unique approach to the fantasy RPG and dungeon crawling genres a reality.

Visit the Official Rogue Wizards Wiki at Gamepedia

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