Alpha Online + November Update

Greetings Wizards,

We’re happy to announce that Rogue Wizards closed alpha program has begun.  If you backed us on Kickstarter at the Shaman level or higher, you’ll be receiving a Steam key to join and play the alpha over the next couple of weeks to try out the game and provide us feedback and report issues.  We’ll be adding users into the alpha in groups every week; so if you don’t receive your key right away don’t worry, it will arrive soon.



Missed the Kickstarter but still want to play the open beta when its ready?  Subscribe to our Spellbind Studios Newsletter and we’ll be recruiting players from that list to join the open beta in 2016.

What’s in the Alpha?

  • Play through the main storyline until defeating Gaderian, the Guild Wizard of Fire
  • Build the Wizard Tower, Blacksmith, Armorer, and Jeweler
  • Run through 4 basic story quests plus random dungeons are available after building the Armory
  • Find several item types with dozens of randomized magic properties
  • Fight against 9 different monsters (and a few more that are incomplete with just melee attacks)
  • Learn low to mid level spells across 6 schools of magic
  • Play through the randomized Dungeon, Cavern, and Cosmic environments

What’s coming next?

  • Storyline quests, NPCs, and structures beyond the Rift of Fire
  • Creating special and magical attack for monsters and bosses that don’t have them yet
  • Colorable character variations
  • Town presentation experimentations

Now on to our regular development update for November 2015.

Over the past month we’ve been working very hard to get ready for the alpha.  The biggest change in the gameplay comes in how the player acquires spells.  Spells now rarely drop in the dungeons and instead the player acquires spell points when they level up.  Spell points can be spent at the Wizard Tower in town to upgrade existing or learn new spells.

Spell Tree

Spell Tree

We’ve also got functional UI screens for video settings as well as user configurable keyboard control mappings.

Configurable Controls

Configurable Controls

Finally, we added new UI for comparing weapons and armor with the equipped armor or any of the readied weapons on the shortcut bar.  Now a simple red or green arrow will appear on the item being inspected if it is more effective at attack or defense, and for weapons on the shortcut bar if the new item would do more damage than each of them they’re hi lighted with a glowing green box.

Item Comparisons

Item Comparisons

Here’s the development highlights and details from the past month. Want to talk about these changes or other aspects of the game, then visit us in the online forums.


– Alpha build now available on Steam for some users
– The “Blink” spell is now called “Regroup”, and does a teleport and heal
– Regroup spell now can only teleport the player to a tile that they have previously occupied, this keeps the spell from randomly teleporting you further into a dungeon and typically into a group of monsters or other danger when in fact you’re supposed to be falling back to get out of a bad situation
– Added new Spell Tree UI available off the Wizard Tower in town where the player can select which spells to acquire and upgrade
– Spells are now acquired via level unlocks and spell points acquired on level up
– Feedback UI now has edit boxes where people can enter the name and email
– There is now a UI element in the turn mode UI where you can pass your turn (activated by space bar too)
– Added keyboard control UI with user configurable key mappings
– Resolution switching now functional from a new menu in the settings
– Item comparison UI has been reworked to show an up/down arrow at the item being tooltipped, and pulsing green boxes when that item is better at *all* possible locations it can be equipped at to be more effective


– Stalagmites spell now deals damage
– Stalagmites damage and radius now increase with ranks
– Reduced upgrade costs at vendors
– Sundries now re-populates the goods inventory every time the player comes back to town
– Removed all spellbook drops except the first one that grants the player fireball (magic shrines can still drop books tho)
– Your Wizard Tower now has a floating spellbook icon over it if there are spells that you can upgrade at the tower (you meet the requirements and have spell points to spend)
– Completely removed spellbook drop from default loot table tree (still present on magic shrines tho)
– Added some tutorial logic to guide the player through the interaction at the Tower and upgrade of their first spell
– The game will now remind player via a message box at the start of every 4th dungeon to leave feedback to us via the Home menu option
– Level themes (Dungeon, Cavern, Cosmic) are now slowly opened up to the player as they progress. Dungeons can occur from the start, Caverns can occur at level 4+, Cosmic can occur at level 10+
– If a level them becomes available and has never been seen so far, the next quest generated is guaranteed to use that level theme
– 2nd tier spells now become available when 1st tier spells reach level 10 instead of 15
– Gaderian now summons fire minions during the battle
– Gaderian now has a lot more health
– Gaderian now gets scared at certain health ranges like Champions do to provide a break in battle
– Increased champion and boss health
– Drastically reduced the turns required for mastery of all equipped items.
– Decreasing XP bonus from all level clearing awards
– Critical hits now do 125% damage instead of 300%, it was just too much
– Removed magic rank +3 affixes from the game. Set magic rank +1 and +2 to appear at 90% and 10% frequency
– Dungeon loot is now always generated using the player base rank instead of the level base rank, this assures that the player is always finding level appropriate gear even if they have leveled up within a dungeon
– Fixed enemies not selecting their ranged attacks as much as they should have been, especially if they were the only enemy on screen with the player and the player was moving around
– All main storyline quests now have their rank “frozen” once attempted, this mean that the first the time player attempts the quest … if the quest is rank 5 and the player dies, and attempts the quest again, the quest will be regenerated at rank 5, even if the player has reached level 6 or more. This allows for the player to never get stuck at a difficulty wall in the story quests as they will eventually be able to level up and get through it and continue on with the game.
– Message box buttons now have text describing their action and are no longer and just x and checkmark images
– Increasing the effectiveness of burn to 25% health
– Increased frequency at which fireball causes burn
– Added visual feedback for a locked door
– Added a chest in the first room of the Wayside Inn so that player don’t get frustrating looking for something valuable in the first room like the player indicates should be there via thought bubble
– Removed blueprints from all loot drops
– Added help UI elements to control config for a few commands that needed further explanation
– Added tooltips to the Dual Windows tabs
– You can now turn off the more help style tooltips on HUD buttons via an option in the settings menu
– Removed material crafting, you can now only create health potions at the cauldrons


– Animation revisions addressed for: NPC heads, Dryad, Fire Giant, Guild Wizard, Hosperak
– Massaged all Male and Female player layers for coloring across light, medium, and heavy styles
– Created hi res human spine file (needs work)
– New art for scroll bars and thumb
– Reduced shadow size on stone UI elements, rebuilt all relevant atlas files and resized all UI buttons that use them

Framework and Fixes:

– All UI buttons now have audio and visual transitions
– Item comparison UI now shows equal comparisons and will now always show an upgrade/downgrade/equal icon even if the all comparison target inventory locations are not currently visible on screen
– New art for item comparison UI arrows
– Launcher now hidden by default
– Removed ItemSummaryUI script and prefab
– Added ItemComparisonUI and ComparisonTargetUI scripts and prefabs
– Fixed stack split UI buttons being in totally wrong places
– StackSplitUI is now instanced via a prefab in the UIManagerCommon
– Used new button art and transitions on the stack split UI (still needs real love tho)
– Fixed EZScreen placement not doing centering placement correctly after a resolution change due to a cached value of the old viewport pixel rectangle, the cached data member has been removed.
– Fixed director crash on exit trying to save app settings
– App settings are now saved when any debug menu is closed
– Fixed controls UI mouse wheel not working when moused over a button (removed extra UIListItemContainer component from prefab)
– Fixed spammy warning when asking for bounds of rotated button, we now allow for minor Z rotations that don’t really matter
– The Director now monitors for resolution changes and sends a “MessageOnResolutionChanged” through relevant game object hierarchies
– Enhanced billboard and vortex backdrops to allow for on the fly resolution changes
– Upgraded project to Unity 5.2.3
– Added UIScrollListEx which can have it’s own control clipping rect
– Fixed clipping of video resolution scroll list during parchment open/close animations
– Partially functional video settings menu with resolution switching
– Added DesktopVideoUI component
– Added UIToggle control and inspector
– Added ListItemResolution
– Moved some control inspector code in an editor folder near their controls
– Added drop shadows to all the stone button art
– Rebuilt all sprite pages with stone button art
– Resized all stone buttons on all dialogs in all UIs to account for the new shadow
– Renaming UI Config folder to be called Settings
– TooltipHandler now has a checkbox that says whether it is disabled by the app settings option
– Versioned save data
– Fixed debug error print when asking for bounds of rotated button, we only check Z for rotation because that’s all we usually care about
– Fixed console button UI positioning and transitions
– Added missing button transitions to the backpack hud button
– Added StringTooltip component to set raw string text as a tooltip
– Added help text field to configurable command
– Tooltip handlers now monitor the mouse and Z layers to determine when the control the tooltip handler has an active tooltip for goes out from under the mouse cursor or something appears in front of it. This is done with an Update() that is run only while the tooltip is active
– Added art for control mapping help
– Fixed the tooltip handlers on the scroll xp UIs so that they are axis aligned
– Fixed tooltip positioning of health and xp hud bars
– Hack fixed the clipping on the slider of the key mapping menu upon opening the first time.
– Key mapping UI now has scroll bars and clipping borders and reserved key feedback
– FadableManager now lives in the Director so we can use it in the title screen
– Wait for input now responds to any keyboard key pressed
– Wait for input callback now sends the input event into the callback
– Created input event actions for “key down” and provided data section KeyCode for use with it
– Added ControlSettings component and prefab with default user configurable controls
– Removed all control options out of GameSettings
– Bumped archives to account for new control data
– Set a backwards compatible version for save game files in an attempt to keep them from being wiped in the alpha
– AppSettings archives now use the same SaveGameVersion system instead of their own versioning numbers, this makes it easier to not mess up transfer functions when control transfers to other worker components for save/load outside of AppSettings so that those users don’t need to know which version is the one to check against
– Added Rect3DExtensions with a ToScreen() method
– Parchment base class now is an IInputController and IInputListener so that no derived classes need to implement these and they can fallback to base class logic common to all parchment UIs
– Added code and prefabs for all configurable commands with localized text for the command
– CommandMap now also checks against ControlSettings instance for user configured controls
– Removed all binding for user configurable commands from CommandMap, these are now in the ControlSettings prefab
– Moved all the dual window UIs into prefabs that are instanced upon startup and fixed all their initialization code to use OnSystemCreated() rather than rely on Awake() and Start()
– Added support to InputEvent for KeyDown and KeyUp
– Wait for input now responds to any keyboard key press and key release
– Fixed prefab system instantiation so that OnSystemCreated() is actually sent to all created systems
– Moved a bunch of UIs from TowerCommonMaster to UIManagerTower
– Move mode home menu option moved into debug sub menu
– Removed keyboard movement toggle from home menu
– UIScrollList is now capable of clipping in both X and Y to account for viewable area size changes at runtime or smaller windows always set at design time
– Exported all high resolution player art
– Added CommandTootip component that displays command map shortcut keys as the last line of a static text tooltip
– CommandMap is now a monobehavior
– Added KeySymbol, KeySymbolSet, and KeySymbolSetInspector
– Added a folder of key symbol prefabs for all key names that need localized text in their name (space, escape, etc)
– Added ability for the property compare system to compare floats as ints if a flag is passed in
– Fixed the paper doll not rendering because the AvatarPlane game object somehow lost the plane component!! It has been recreated
– Added logic to TooltipHandler to detect the movement of the control that the tooltip was for out from under the mouse when the mouse is not moving
– Added CommandTootip component that displays command map shortcut keys as the last line of a static text tooltip
– CommandMap is now a monobehavior
– Added KeySymbol, KeySymbolSet, and KeySymbolSetInspector
– Added a folder of key symbol prefabs for all key names that need localized text in their name (space, escape, etc)
– Added ability for the property compare system to compare floats as ints if a flag is passed in
– Fixed the paper doll not rendering because the AvatarPlane game object somehow lost the plane component!! It has been recreated
– Added logic to TooltipHandler to detect the movement of the control that the tooltip was for out from under the mouse when the mouse is not moving
– Home button, wait icon, combat mode got .png export layers
– Added art for pass turn button
– Fixed minimap not being revealed around the player upon entering a dungeon until they took their first step
– Fixed character names overlapping dates on the game slot screen
– Game slot dates now displayed in culture specific format
– Fixed crash when saving new feedback name/email to settings file and the values were null
– When run from the Unity editor (any branch) or any build from the mainline branch, the root Unity persistent data path is now is in Application.persistentDataPath + “/Development”
– Fixed quest metric not using the quest prototype as the param and instead using a quest instance name
– Added analytics event for new game and the avatar that was selected
– Added AppSettings version support for feedback name/email saving
– Beautified the reports generated by users by allowing spaces since HockeyApp seems to be OK with that
– Fix elixir of life spelling
– Fixed crash when using lightning wand/spell and destroying the target
– Chained ropes now to their end of life effects and destroy themselves before doing the skill logic so that they become unparented from the targets which might die during combat
– Added a sanity error print to Actor.OnReturningToPool() when being called on a live actor
– Feedback button now is colored differently in home menu
– Added ability to override the context menu item button
– Added button prefab and transitions for bar menu “special” buttons
– Fixed multi-line text cursor positioning using the arrow keys
– Added support for repeating arrow key positioning to UIManager
– Fixed minimap cells not being restored after game load to mapped/visible on the minimap
– Fixed minimap cells not being restored after game load to mapped/visible on the minimap
– AppServices inspector display no data is no version file is present
– Added reminder popup to move build counter to new changelist
– Branch is now part of app services read from version file
– Proper platform settings for zip library for building on Android, Blackberry, and iOS so they don’t interfere with the desktop build settings, we were getting plugin name collisions because the desktop build was trying to include both its own and the android versions etc.
– For alpha, the storyline stops advancing after the Rift of Fire, but the player can still play random dungeons
– Upon clearing the rift of fire, and end of alpha message comes up
– Added property for end of alpha
– Fixed level chain for sky rift forcing activation of the dungeon nature quest
– Fixed dungeon earth quest using the fire map marker
– Added transitions to BugUI buttons and tweaked window color and instruction text
– Fixed crash when opening world map to travel to any rift other than the rift of fire
– Added map markers for all rifts to the WorldMap
– WorldMap is now set to origin on start instead of using the prefab transform position
– Removed unused reference in UIManagerCommon for WorldMap, it’s in the TowerCommon now
– Added analytics for spell acquire, spell upgrade, and buildable upgrade
– Changed data reported during player death, rank up, and storyline advance analytics to be more useful
– Removed level stats analytics, it’s just not super useful and costs a ton of analysis points
– Added properties for total lifetime gold acquired and total lifetime value of inventory items acquired
– Teleport skill now does an effect at the caster even if no teleport occurred in all cases
– Cells now have a flag that says whether the player has ever occupied the cell, the flag is saved in the save game files
– Spawn materials debug menu option now uses the biased material loot table instead of the all material loot table
– Bug UI no longer has a confirm when canceling the UI
– Fixed dialog UI missing the close button art (wtf!)
– Restoring crash reporter settings to player only
– The reminder to send feedback now includes a button on the reminder UI send to “Send Feedback” that opens up the bug/feedback UI
– Tweaked text for feedback reminding
– Tweaked quit to title text
– All forms of exiting the bug/feedback UI now have a confirmation message box (not just when pressing escape)
– Added localized text for all message box button action text
– Added property QuestRememberedRank
– Fixed burn not damaging the player when they had enough armor to absorb all the damage, now burn damage cannot be defended against
– Burn damage no longer causes the target to orient to the source if they’re still around
– Added a set of combat flags for NoDefend, NoShield, and NoOrient
– Adding some missing prefabs for the previous resolution switching checkin
– Removing all input axes except mouse wheel
– Whenever any skill action is generated, if it has a target actor and that target actor is moving, the action is now held on to and executed once the target actor stops moving (if they are still valid). No actions new actions or actors will be considered by the action manager when there is a pending skill action in this state
– Cheat keyboard commands now disabled if cheats are disabled
– Content menu objects now have a link to their parent menu
– Wrote a whole working resolution selection system via the Home menu using dynamic menu items, but am disabling it because resolution changing under the running game just causes to many positioning and sizing problems … sigh!!!!!
– Fixed close button on dual window UI not hiding when displaying the trash can
– Tweaked close button on dual window UI position
– Fixed minimap “Floor Text” not showing up on the 2nd floor (off by one causing it to show only at the 3rd floor)
– Gaderian now spawnable from the debug menus
– Bumping up spell point distribution again
– Fixing cavern map marker transition again to use scale only and not the default color changing one
– Fixed cavern map marker button not having audio and visual transitions
– Tweak credit ui text positioning
– Decreased spell points on level up
– Fix crash in summons stalagmites
– Fixed being able to hurt yourself and allies with stalagmites
– Fix crash when equipping quake wand cause we don’t have an earth wand attachment in spine yet.
– Fixed a few home menu buttons not showing up in real builds due to some settings requiring cheats and requiring mouse etc.
– Limited the length of the HockeyApp reason function names since it’s used for the title
– Added CombatQualtiy fields “Can Be Scared” and “Can Flee”, the AI now uses this flags with separate meaning instead of inferring meaning from the CombatQuality.IsSpecial field
– Summon Minions Skill is now Summon User Prefab Minions
– Added Summon User Roster skill
– Added SummonRoster component to serve as a collection of actor prefabs that can be summoned by skills that use the roster
– Formalized the SummonSource in the summon skill prototype to be 1) UseSkillPrototype, 2) UseUserPrefab, 3) UseUserSummonRoster
– Tweaked how many spell points you get at which levels as the player levels up
– Added a dictionary to the QuestManager that keeps track of the LocationTheme prefab count used for quests that have been generated, this is used to force selection of new location themes as they become available
– Added LocationTheme component, they are assigned to level chains and contain what map marker to use on the travel map and any settings for a required player rank for that location to be used for generated quests
– Cleaned up some property enum names
– Added small tutorial tooltip for quest listing the first time you see the quest depot UI and can accept a quest
– Fixed spell upgrade ui logic I just broke 🙂
– Updated credits screen
– The spell upgrade UI button text now automatically changes from/to “Upgrade” and “Learn” for the right context
– Better text for the quest UI at the tavern and the player quest log
– GameStats now tracks level chains entered and dungeon level chains entered separately
– Removed “Dungeons Completed” property
– Added properties for QuestCompletedCount and QuestFailedCount
– Added alpha welcome message
– Tweaked the title of the Bug UI instructions and space for the new text on the UI
– Fixed missing text of Feedback and bug home menu buttons
– Context menu item “Requires HockeyApp” is now “Requires Mobile” and is set for the send feedback option only, but removed this from all builds for now anyway
– New minimap icon art for merchant using NPC art
– Fixed quest listing positioning on the TravelUI
– Fixed TravelUI destination icon looking like a button that can be pressed
– Fixed spellbook close button not hiding properly with the spellbook open/close animations
– Added support for different click verbs on different platforms (“click” vs “tap”) in all translated text
– Added quest event for spell upgraded
– Buildable dialog is no longer allowed if the quest system says the interact menu can’t be used
– You can now acquire a spell via the spell upgrade UI (not just upgrade an existing one)
– Tweaked the quest listing position and content so that the button over/active animations scale the control using the center of the icon as the scaling origin
– Updating P4Connect
– Skills that are executed by shortcuts (not equipped) now parent their property collection to the user for the duration for the action that executes them, this lets spells like stalagmite have damage that is picked up via the user property collection to do combat
– Fixed the property collection print as text to be better formatted and indented properly for every collection level and property value
– Made a separate skill for the teleport trap and follower teleport to owner, they used to use the same one as the blink spell for the player, which just became “Regroup”
– Allow for tooltip icons that size to more than one line in height to have their text intended properly
– Spell weapons now get their display name from their execute skill display name
– Deleted all the display name prefabs for the spell runes which are now obsolete
– SpellTreeUI nodes now have their spell title and details as children of the button so they are scaled with the button transitions
– SoundGroup is now Sound
– Mass rename of all “Sound Group” prefabs to be named just “Sound”
– Renaming sound group prefab
– Rename sound prefab for dryad death
– Converted all “SoundGroup” prefabs so they contain all the inside them that was previously in their linked “Sound” prefabs
– Removed Sound.cs component class
– Removed SoundGroupItem class
– Unifying the sound settings between the variations for a couple of sounds, going to do a mass convert on Sound Groups in a minute and this makes it easier
– Added soft sweeping sound to the over on and off of the default control audio feedback
– Home menu items now get their sprite text from a prefab set in the parent menu or an override set on the menu item
– Removed sprite text components that were duplicated in all menu items
– Home menu text is now a child of the button and not the other way around, this lets the scaling animations work properly on these menu items
– Hooking up more ui control audio and transitions
– Replaced button art with stone art on several uis
– Added audio and transition to inventory close button
– Reorganizing location and names of control audio and transition prefab data
– Main menu, character select, message box now have a set of standard button transitions with scaling
– New sounds for UI button clicks
– Added set of free UI .wav files
– Created “ControlTransitions” component, must like ControlAudio, these components are used to create prefabs that contain a set of EZGUI ui widget transitions … when can then be applied to any UIButtonEx via the new field “Control Transitions Prefab” (just like the audio one)
– Spell Tree UI now has audio and visual feedback and you mouse over the rune nodes and click them
– Added audio hooks to all buttons on Title Screen
– Added ControlAudio component, which is just a set of sounds for ui controls over on, over off, active on, and active off
– Created “Button Default Control Audio” prefab, which can now be assigned to UIButtonEx instances as need to add audio to the button
– The quest details UI can no longer “close” or “complete” quests, and their button text now reflects the new simpler functionality
– Replaced stone button art on TravelUI, AttributeDetailsUI, and QuestDetailsUI
– Clicking on a node in the spell tree UI now brings up a spell upgrade UI for that node using the small vertical scroll framework where you can upgrade the spell from. This is necessary on devices that don’t have a mouse because they won’t get the hover tooltips in the spell tree.
– Turned the spell upgrade on for all platforms for now
– Spell Tree UI now has color pulsing splotches under the runes of spells that can currently be acquired or upgraded
– Available spell points is now shown on the paper doll ui
– Spell Tree UI now has title, player level, and available spell points
– Pulled out localized text for experience ui tooltip into a re-used prefab instead of being an instance on the UI tooltip handler
– The spell tree now has requirements based on both player rank and other spell ranks within the tree. So you can’t get Electric Field until you’re player level 3, and you can’t get Lightning until you have leveled up Electric Field to level 15 etc.
– Did a big cleanup of the spell/actor API and ended up with just the 4 basic functions, Actor.CanAcquireSpell(), Actor.AcquireSpell(), Actor.CanUpgradeSpell(), Actor.UpgradeSpell()
– Set data for new hierarchical spell requirements
– Tooltip on the spell tree ui now never cover up the spell node button, text, or level text
– Interact indicator now support spell upgrade icon
– Added Actor.HasSpellUpgrades() and Buildable.HasSpellUpgrades()
– Added Player.CanUpgradeAnySpell()
– The player now refreshes all town interact indicators whenever their base rank or spell points change in town
– The Control+L debug command to level up now works in town
– Fixed a case where the available at rank for a spell weapon could return 0, it is now clamped at a min of 1
– Added SpellTreeUI and SpellTreeUINode ui components
– Added Actor.GiveNewSpell()
– Actor.LevelUp() now returns the result if a level up was actually done
– Spell weapons now get their rank via the normal Property.Rank of their actors and not the old spell family of the using parent actor
– Broke up the operations of spell acquisition and level up from code in SpellPickup and put them in methods on the Player and Spell classes
– SpellFamily now has a primitive spell tree for all the spells in the family
– Added Player.GetSpell(), Player.UpgradeSpell(), Player.GiveNewSpell()
– Added Property definition for spell points
– “Rank Base Property” property definition prefab now links to a new property icon which has an experience scroll
– Tooltips are now capable of displaying the “next level” of a spell and the numerical effects that are granted at the next level
– Reworked the api of the tooltip system to use Settings structures
– Reworked Actor tooltip creation so the primary and secondary tool tips are created, then positioned, then shown instead of being all mixed up
– Fixed World Map rendering the close X with the Minimap material (costing another draw call)
– Fixed the calculation of SpriteTextEx bounds, instead of caching the bounds it is now calculated every time because it’s cheap to do and there are other thigns that can affect the bounds other than the text like changing the max size, font, font size etc
– PlayerInventory now caches the spell inventory
– BlueprintLoot is now BlueprintLootTable (code and prefab)
– MaterialLoot is now MaterialLootTable (code and prefab)
– Loot class is now LootTableEntry
– Added SpellUpgradeLootTable
– Deleted SpellUpgradeLoot (class and prefab) which used to drop biased spellbooks in the world
– Added Property enum and defintion for SpellPointsAvailable
– Refactored the tooltip restricted bounds and tooltip position to be in world space
– Added a dirty flag to Tooltip that says the size needs to be recalculated … repeated calls to Size() with no dirty flag do nothing
– TooltipHandler can now optionally consider the bounds of the control as a restricted area for the tooltip
– Added SpellTreeUINodeTooltipHandler component class to setup the tooltip logic for the spell weapon actors in the SpellTreeUI
– Fixed a case in all ParchmentUIs and their derived UIs that would not properly clip the contents when the scrolls were closed … now instead of having to deal with a strange overlapping clipping rectangle, the contents are just deactivated as long as the reside under the ContentParent game object
– Created Hosperak actor
– Hosperak can now be spawned via debug menu
– Increased spine controller vertex buffer for bounds calculation (Hosperak has a lot of verts)
– Added support for Attack_04 animation
– Hosperak now visible in the Animation Preview tool
– Fixed save games not being able to load when levels that were saved in a previous version of the game and were never versioned upon load because the level data was never actually loaded because the player wasn’t currently in that level, yet the archive version of the save game was bumped up and we incorrectly thought we had current version save data
– Level and Player transfer function now create as their first action a sub-archive with its on version that is independent of the parent save game archive. This allows us to have chunks of save game data that are skipped and never loaded from version to version, but preserves in the skipped data the original archive version and data so that when we do come back and load it, we have the correct version in the sub-archive set and can properly do versioning logic
– Added SaveGameVersion.cs as a place to collect all save game version numbers over time
– Added logic to auto wipe unloadable games or not
– Added message box and text that is displayed if we don’t auto wipe unloadable games and the player tries to load one
– Added game stats for dungeons entered and dungeons completed
– Added VendorInventory reresh support that looks to see if the player entered any dungeons since the last time the goods were refreshed, note this breaks save game compatability but I’m about to put in a changelist that bumps up the version and will wipe games anyway with more version changes
– Fix wayside inn failing to generate because gateways could not be placed … but the level doesn’t use gateways
– The game now responds to map generation failures by trying to generate again with a different seed (up to 16 times in a row)
– Safeguard against file copy error when trying to attach save games to crash reports (theoretical fix, not encountering an error of any kind)