Rogue Wizards on Steam (PC/Mac)

Spellbind Studios is pleased to announce that Rogue Wizards is now available on PC and Mac via Steam for USD $14.99

Buy it now USD $14.99


  • 30+ monsters, each with a unique ability
  • 18 upgradable spells across six schools of magic
  • Eight bosses to defeat and rid the Wizard Council of corruption
  • Four pets and several NPCs to aid in the dungeons
  • Hundreds of powerful items with randomized enchantment combinations
  • Randomly generated dungeons
  • Story mode where death is forgiving on normal difficuly
  • Gauntlet mode with progressively harder dungeons and perma-death
  • A narrative with a core message of gender and class equality
  • A town sanctuary with unlockable and upgradable structures
  • Fast turn based combat
  • Visually striking tile animated line of sight system