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A message from Morley:

Hooray, hoodies! All garments will be printed with love and care by Forward Printing of Oakland, CA.  They will be printed using discharge printing techniques, which use water-based inks formulated to deactivate and replace the underlying garment dye color. The resulting garments are cozy soft and wearable after 1-2 washings! There’s no plasticky ink on the surface of the garment that can chip/peel over time, so they last really well, too!

Please note that due to discharge methods, “white” will actually look more like a very faded version of the underlying garment color. i.e. the “white” areas on a kelly green hoodie will look subtly light green. Check out the discharge printing page at Forward’s website for more information and example photos. I promise this is a really fancy and improved printing method and you will be happy with the end result, so long as you order with the expectation that it won’t look *exactly* like the image mockups below.

Regarding ink colors – for simplicity, we have decided to offer only the color palettes shown below. The ink colors for each garment color have been carefully chosen to match well and look gorgeous. Please don’t be a picky bitch and ask for something not listed below, you already have 30 different garment style / color combination options to choose from!!

Lastly, if the price is holding you back, please contact Morley ( directly! Some markup is built into these prices to allow for giving 2 or 3 garments away for cheaper/free to the cash-strapped among us. We want you to feel cozy and part of the gang regardless of your income level, so speak up if you would like to be considered for schwag slush funds!

  • Step 1: Look down on this page and learn about the variety of styles and colors available
  • Step 2: Once you have decided what you want to order, fill out this order form by Thursday March 5th (Please fill out the full order form once for every item you’d like to order)
  • Step 3: Pay Morley by Thursday March 5th! (Paypal/SquareCash to OR mail a check to E. Morley Beckman, 2300 Broadway Apt 6, Oakland CA 94612)
  • Step 4: Get your awesome shcwag! Delivery will be at SGXIX in Tahoe. If you won’t be there in person, let me know and we’ll figure out a way to ship/deliver items to you.

Stargaze XIX T-Shirt


T-Shirt Garment Options

  1. $20 – Canvas 3001 – Unisex Fine Jersey T
  2. $20 – Bella 6004 – Women’s Fine Jersey T

T-Shirt Color Options


Stargaze XIX Hoodie

stargaze-19-sweatshirt-finalHoodie Garment Options

  1. $40 – American Apparel 5495 – Lightweight Pullover Hoodie
  2. $40 – Independent Trading IND4000 – Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie
  3. $45 – American Apparel 5497 – Lightweight Zippered Hoodie
  4. $45 – Independent Trading IND4000Z – Heavyweight Zippered Hoodie

Hoodie Color Options