Tower 04You won’t find any casual games here, Spellbind is making games for gamers.

Games are more than just entertainment and something that kids to play with.  They’ve been with us our entire lives and they’re part of who we are today.  However, it’s not enough to just experience what others are making, we have a deep love and passion for creating our own detailed, rich, and exciting game worlds, and we think you’ll enjoy them too.

Spellbind Studios was founded by Colin Day in 2013 and is based in the creative nexus of San Francisco California.  With over 15 years of experience building AAA titles at other developers, we’re now ready to make our own creative vision a reality.

With modern technologies and new platforms, now is an incredibly exciting time for independent developers.  Today games can be created much faster and reach a wider audience than ever before, so get ready for some magic.